April 24, 2003

Blogshares -- I'm Out

I said a couple of weeks ago that I was removing my Blogshares link because I wasn't doing well, and frankly I was bored with the game.

And now, I've found out from Solonor that all is not what it seems with BS. And so I'm out. My link has been removed. I choose to ping weblogs.com, and will continue to do so, so my blog will still be listed. But I won't be participating actively.

[update] I did go to the Blogshares forum and request deactivation of my account. There's an interesting suggestion over at Robyn's that we continue to request delisting until they change the way they list blogs. I'm not sure I'll even give them the satisfaction of the traffic to their site. Arrogant fucks. If I was still displaying that link, I'd change the graphic to something like "Fuck Blogshares. And his mom."

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lauren Apr 24, 2003 5:09 PM

So there is no way to de-list yourself? The only way to do it is to stop pinging weblogs.com? I am actually confused by the whole thing. I don't understand it so I wanted out before but now with all this shite, I really want out. *sighs* *bleah*

robyn Apr 24, 2003 6:07 PM

You can go to the forum (which you have to register for, btw) to delist yourself -- but if you keep pinging weblogs.com, they'll keep relisting you, for the time being anyway. Lovely, huh?

Christine Apr 24, 2003 8:19 PM

"There's an interesting suggestion over at Robyn's that we continue to request delisting until they change the way they list blogs"

Really, I don't think that would serve any purpose other than stirring up the posse mentality that we all know and love so much. (sigh) Instead of him having time to program the code so you can be delisted permanently, he'll hve to deal with all of the delisting requests over and over.

And like I just said on my own site - anyone have any ideas all the different ways that the weblogs.com pings are used? I think ANYONE can parse that data... just something I'm thinking about now...

Stupid Evil Bastard Apr 25, 2003 12:23 AM
Well it certainly didn't take long before Blogshares developed it's first major controversy and very public spat. Not even a month since word of it first started to spread and now folks are asking for their blogs to be de-listed en masse (including me)...
Read more in Blogshares meltdown. »

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