July 16, 2003


Remember last week's sunburn? I think I actually have a scar on my back from it now, in the one stripe where the burn was the worst where my strap moved. I didn't blister there, but the skin was red for days, and then it peeled. Now it's very dark brown and rough. Like a scar. I'm going to buy some zinc oxide to put on that spot for the next time I'm out in the sun. And find a t-shirt that I can wear at the river. Cause I'm so going back up there on Monday. My mom and dad are in California. Mom called me from the Golden Gate Bridge to tell me she wasn't having a panic attack... usually she doesn't do bridges well. She freaks out. She told me "There are people walking across this bridge. You'd like that." My question: do people who live out there walk the bridge, or just tourists? Jhames? Will you walk the plank with me? I have a softball game tonight. We won our game on Monday. It was an OK game. I batted like 11th in the order and so I only got to bat twice, and I was a little bummed out about that. Oh well. homeplate The cool part was that my sister's boyfriend and his best friend came to the game, and then we went out to dinner. That was sweet. I love me some David and Big Daddy Addi. smile Posted by at July 16, 2003 03:07 PM



jane Jul 16, 2003 5:33 PM

try vitamin E, it might lessen the scarring.

Sammi Jul 20, 2003 9:32 AM

I am the culprit of my sisters bad burn, I did apply it all that well.... So I suck basically!! :smile: Sorry, Zuly... also I love me some David and Big Daddy Addy as well. Love you!!:bouncy:

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