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Design and Development

Macromedia Studio MX

TopStyle 3.10

Cute FTP

Hosted at TLC Web Enterprises


Powered by Movable Type 2.64, with a host of plugins, utlizing a MySQL database and PHP within my limited, yet ever increasing, scripting abilities.


I use Simple Comments, a plugin for MT, for my comments and TrackBacks. It combines the display of my comments and pings into one display, since I'm of the mind that pings are technically comments that appear on another person's blog. Using Simple Comments makes it easier for readers to follow the conversation without having to click all over the place.


The basic CSS for the site comes from Book of Styles (formerly CSS Colouring Book) and Blogstyles.

RSS Feeds

I use RSS Templates from Lisa, Gal of Unix. They involve using some plugins that help make your feeds validate, but it's not a big deal. Find the Combined Feed here.


I learned how to skin Zuly's Zu by gleaning information from two tutorials:

How do you make a website skinnable? at

Lisa, Gal of Unix's skinning tutorial

I also had many support emails from Kristine.

Expanding Comments and Posts on Index Page

If you want to have expand and collapse the extended portions of your entries and your comments on your blog index page, you can use this information from Scripty Goddess. (This is no longer implemented because it was driving me crazy each time I tweaked my index page. I haven't had any complaints, so I'm stickin' with it.)


Lisa, Gal of Unix, has a wonderful Smiley Tutorial.

I gathered my smiley collection from across many sources, which I've listed below. Kathy led me to almost all of them. She's a smiley-aholic. (I've got a large collection on my hard drive for future use!)

Jeff Pyle's IncrediMail Smileys

Jason's Smiley Collection

Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons

Yahoo! Hidden Emoticons

Des Smileys (French Collection)

Mazeguy Smilies


Jordy's World (in German, but a great collection)


To make my favicon, I used PhotoMatt's tutorial and png2ico.