My sister offered the name theo-logues to me. She heard it originally from Catherine Keller, Professor of Constructive Theology at Drew University. It is fitting that Catherine's voice comes through on this website. She was my professor and a guiding light for me in seminary, and her book "Apocalypse Now and Then, A Feminist Guide to the End of the World" fundamentally influenced my theology -- and indeed, my life ethos.

When I was in seminary, I came to realize that the Church-universal had failed miserably when it comes to empowering people and their faith. 10 years of church work in various positions has lead me to the sad conclusion that most people who go to church cannot tell you why they are there or anything about the God they worship. I believe that this is in part because the Church has made God into this big, bad Father that's ready to smack you around if you get out of line. We have a variety of reactions to this, from slavish devotion to outright rejection of any sort of organized religion to utter confusion. In the meantime, ministers continue to guard the secrets of theology in a quest to retain their own power.

That's just my opinion, of course.

I want to try to make theology accessible. I meet people all the time who tell me they believe in God, but not the God at church. They don't trust the ministers, they don't like the people, they don't like the images of God presented to them. And as we talk, I find they don't have the words to express their faith because no one told them it was OK to question God, and no one taught them the words -- the vocabulary.

So that brings me to Thursday Theo-logues, published each Thursday about a variety of topics. My theology defies definition. It's all over the place -- covering different relgious traditions and cultures. My approach is informed my constructive/process theology, postmodernist studies and emerging world theologies like liberation theology. I encourage you to leave your comments and questions, even if you disagree. I promise not to bite.

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